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Susie Post-Rust is a documentary photographer living in Durham, NC.  After working at National Geographic Magazine for ten years, she came back to her home state of North Carolina and has been teaching at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies for almost 15 years.  During this time she has worked on projects closer to home because of a different kind of project—having a family.  This Highway 70 Project has been on the back burner for a while.  Her mother wrote a 14-day series twenty years ago about North Carolina’s collective main streets, following Highway 70 from Atlantis in the Outer Banks to the Tennessee border in the Appalachian Mountains.  Susie has wanted to revisit Highway 70 as a way to connect with her mother, who passed away ten years ago.  But why now?  Why come from the back to the front burner?  Susie is doing it now as a response to the divisions she sees within our communities.  Her mother listened to people and understood folks from all different walks of life.  Inspired by her mother’s journey, Susie is following her mother’s journalistic footsteps, looking for the wisdom her mother can share with her about why we are so divided.  You can see her documentary portfolio or find contact info on her website:

Or contact her directly:
cell:  919-308-0137

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